Level 2 : The Power of Actualization

I believe that everyone will have their own pursuit, dreams and ideal life; some people’s goals are relatively large while some people’s goals are relatively small, but the most important thing is that you have the ability to actualize dream; The Power of Actualization refers to the ability of individual actualizing the mind concept in reality. Throwing fantasy idea is an easy task, actualizing ideas is difficult. What factors influence human’s actualization ability?

In this program, the training focus is how to manage and coach yourself and others to achieve goals. What are the secrets and tools that can help people to succeed their own dreams, how to process your Inner Game and Outter Game to achieve what you think.



這階段的課程在於如何管理及教練自己及他人把目標做出來,包括了行為的策略、行為的觸發點、知行合一、設計個人的目標等模式來進行自我管理。從Inner Game內在的遊戲到Outter Game 外在的世界這過程中,有什麼秘密及工具能協助人們成功地實踐自己所思所想,做到「心想事成」。