About Informatics Hong Kong

Informatics Education HK (IEHK) was founded in 1992 in response to the demands for skilled Information Technology (IT) manpower and knowledge-based workers arising from Hong Kong’s rapid economic growth.

IEHK has established Informatics Thames College (“ITC”) (School Registration number: 518670) since 1993 with an independent governance and management structure and in line with the requirements of Cap. 279 Education Ordinance.

Over the last 31 years, IEHK built a strong track record as a quality professional training provider for over 100,000 lifelong learners and executives at all stages of their career. To accommodate the varied lifestyles and needs of individuals, institutions and corporations, courses are offered via diverse learning modes from traditional classroom to e-learning.

IEHK strives to provide customized programs and training solutions for corporations and provides professional training programs for various industry professionals. We are specialized in analyzing and assessing needs for corporations and customize suitable corporate training programs to match. IEHK provides more than 50 training topics with a strong network of educational partners across the globe. Our clients include multinational corporations and government departments. IEHK also offers consultation service and more than 20 professional training and certification programs that are taught by world-class tutors. All trainers in IEHK are the subject experts in the specific industries. We are always committed to serving our clients to meet their unique goals.