Level 1 : Law of Change (18 PDU)

Everyone want to make some change at some moment in their life, may be change in their career, wealth, interpersonal relationships, love, life and even health. Some people want to get desirable things from Change while some people want to escape something through Change. How long did you try to Change and how was it happened? How long time you wasted in waiting for what you want but nothing action had been taken?

The “Law of Change” program combined with a set of Meta-Coaching techniques which can reveal the hidden rules of Change. Meta-Coaching skills are practical skills that lead human to reveal themselves internally and also can be applied to influence others externally. Meta-Coaching skills not only can be used in life-management, but can widely use in enterprise management and people management. It is a perfect combination of practical psychology and coaching tactics.

Meta-Coaching focuses on listening skills and state-leading skills, it can be used to adjust human’s beliefs and remove restrictive beliefs, and help individuals to implant happy elements on life.
The essence of Meta-Coaching is to produce long-lasting changes through adjusting individual’s deep-seated belief subconsciously.



改變的法則課程是透過Meta-Coach 教練技術,向你透露改變的潛規則。Meta-Coach教練技術是內外兼修的實用技術,除了可運用於人生管理外,也可用於企業管理上,是實用心理學和教練技術的完美結合。

Meta-Coach 著重聆聽技巧和狀態誘導技巧,同時可用於調整人的局限性信念和限制性信念,並引導及邀請對方思想、身體及情緒狀態,在潛意識的深層次面學習利用不同接收位置,以擴闊視野。