Certified Digital Marketer Preparation Course

After completion of this course, participants will be able to:
1) Use Digital Marketing tools and techniques to build and enhance relationship with potential and existing customers;
2) Strengthen and manage the relationship through email automation skills.

Course Outline

Introduction of Digital Marketing

  • Understand the opportunities, challenges and impact of the digital environment.

Personal Branding

  • Deploy Customer Value Journey, steps by steps to explore customer behavior in the digital marketing field.
  • Design the buyer persona, create a content map, achieve a effective marketing campaign

Multi-channel Digital Marketing & Communication

  • Learn how to organise digital marketing activities and build multi-channel marketing capabilities.
  • Apply comprehensive skill and knowledge in different digital marketing platform as social media, email and search engine

Relationship Building

  • Understanding the structure of Customer Relationship Management. Learn different job role in the system, and how to manage each lead generator form marketing
  • Set up a email automation flow, compromise a integrate strategy how to work smoothly with sales representative, and marketing team
Trainer Profile


– professional certificate of digital marketing, issue by EC -Council. He has 7 years of training experience.

– He has 5 years experience in Digital marketing/ IT industry .His recently job role is to provide a full preparation exam course of “Certified Digital Marketer”, and support the coaching of enterprise owners how to imply their marketing strategy in their business model.