Our Students / Clients Say

“Well structured course content for us to prepare for the exam. The trainer exercises a comprehensive understanding of the course materials. The teaching is clear and the coverage are well enough for FRM exam.”

I really appreciate the trainer strong and thorough understanding of the PMP knowledge. He is sincere and enthusiastic in teaching and his good sense of humour has aroused student’s interest in the subject. He also taught us some good exam skill sets like a good memorizing method for difficult formula, which is the vital reason for high passing rate for the class.

It is a Thank You letter to your FRM class. I am a student of Informatics FRM May class. Within these three months, the lectures could broaden my knowledge, and could lead me through other angles to understand corporate financial issues. It's like a wonderful journey of discover these aspects of knowledge. Moreover, the service of video re-view is good and convenient. Last but not least, may I give a great thank to the trainer, and all the staff from Informatics!

The PMP course is comprehensive and practical. The trainer is truly experienced and knowledgeable in this subject. Not only I am able to enhance my project management skills and learn new tools and concepts, the case study sharing also inspired me to improve my work. It is an invaluable opportunity to share up-to-date marketing experience with other managerial professionals in the class. I am going to take the CRM programme after I have become a PMP in 2006.

Trainer’s background in management provides strong back up to convince students. Trainer’s excellence in presentation and enormous information proved the professionalism in PMP. Trainer is a good leader to create good environment for the class to experience the essence of training.

The trainer is very good presenter. I can never concentrate more than 15 minutes in a lecture after lunch and usually fall asleep. But the PMP classes are so interesting and informative that I seldom fell asleep.

The course is really fruitful; the trainer provides both practical and theoretical PM skill sets to the class. In the real life working environment, we can apply what we learnt during lesson. Besides, the comprehensive training model facilitates us to pass the PMP exam.

I have taken two training programmes at Informatics. I have also recommended my friends and colleagues to take similar programmes, which shows my confidence and satisfaction on the training quality and services provided by Informatics.

My expectation to a PMP class was being interactive and practical, and the class had definitely met it! Not only the trainer had gone through the syllabus and PMBOK materials with us thoroughly, he also shared his project experience and achievements while incorporating them with the related knowledge areas. I also found the practicing questions and exam drills very useful.

The trainer is a hugely enthusiastic trainer who provides professional structured project management training programs that meet the needs of project managers from different industries. The lectures are delivered in an interactive way and well-received. Though the programme is tailor-made for PMP examination preparation, the trainer always provides value-added life case studies and updated market information to the class.