HR Seminar: Be a Self-Actualizing Leader in Your Organization (29 June 2009)

The half-day workshop, organized by A-Performers and Informatics attracted more than two hundreds HR practitioners on June 29, 2009. Ms. Mandy Chai, Master Trainer from Informatics Professional Development Centre (IPDC), explained in detail how learning to actualize oneself helps an individual unleash their potentials, so as to attain peak performance in our workplace.

During the workshop, Mandy demonstrated the Leadership Matrix Model with a participant, Winnie. “Mandy guided me to think about the ‘meanings and intentions’ of my inner self. I’m happy that along the line I realized that contributing my efforts to help others is my ultimate meaning, which inspired my future career path,” Winnie told cheerfully.

Ms. Margaret Tang, Assistant Training Director of IPDC added that, “Actually, this seminar is a prelude of a training event in August by Dr. Michael L Hall, one of the international Neuro-semantics masters. He will be coming to Hong Kong for an interactive 3-day training on NLP.”