Corporate African Drumming (29 June 2009)

Club Informatics’ membership event (Jun 2009), Corporate African Drumming, has been accomplished successfully in a typhoon night. The night attracted a number of HR and Training executives intended to find out the “Mystery of African Drumming”. Though Typhoon Signal No. 3 was hoisted during the night, the training was full of fun and enthusiasm.

Mr. Philip, a famous and experienced African Drumming training partner of Informatics Professional Development Centre (IPDC), demonstrated and explained its outstanding effect in Team Building, Motivation, Creativity and Leadership Training. Our members’ active participation in the games and activities further ‘heated’ the atmosphere that night. “You seldom meet a training with so much fun and excitement but effectiveness” Philip shared happily.

After attending the event…

“It is very interesting to us and I think it is very useful to enhance team spirits for our front line staff of our group”.
Forces Lo (HR Manager)

“A very interesting and effective method to build up relationship among team members. Really want to explore more on how to apply the training in my own company.”
Noel Tsang (Head of Underwriting & Claims)